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Ad Sponsorship Opportunities
Founders Table (10 dinners)* $20,000
Builders Table (10 dinners)* $10,000
Pillar Page (2 dinners)* $5,000
Benefactor Page (2 dinners)* $2,500
Parchment Page (2 dinners) $1,000
Diamond Page (2 dinners) $700
Gold Page (1 dinner) $500
Silver Page (1 dinner) $360
Full Page $250
Half Page $180
Other Amount $
*A contribution of $2,500 and above includes to tickets the Benefactors Luncheon on April 30th.  Your ad can be tax-deductible business advertising expense or a charitable contribution.
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Camera-ready art (measures 4.5 x 5) can be emailed to dinner@chabadwilmette.com

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$500 per couple / $250 per person
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